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AAPC makes it easy for health care employers to find the most qualified candidates for their needs. Solicit candidates by posting to our popular health care jobs database. Utilize tools to ensure your candidates are qualified and Employers can also become part of Project Xtern and provide real-world externship experience to certified coders.

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  • Health Care Jobs Database (full-time, part-time, contract) - Post your position or project to our popular job database accessed by hundreds of thousands of health care professionals in medical coding, billing, auditing and practice management.
  • Project Xtern - Join Project Xtern and get non-paid, certified medical coder externs, allowing you to evaluate potential employees before you hire them.

Hiring Tools

  • Credential Verification - Verify the AAPC credentials of a prospective/existing employee, contractor or consultant with their member ID# and last name.
  • Salary Surveys - See what other facilities in your area, specialty, etc., are paying their coding professionals

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