Job Seekers (coding, billing, auditing, compliance)

Job Seeker AAPC offers the most comprehensive resources for you to find a job in medical coding, billing, auditing or practice management and get experience. Job seekers can search through our job database, network with other health care professionals locally or nationwide through our forums, or join Project Xtern to get real-world experience in the medical coding field.

Important Note: Before pursuing any medical job opportunity, ensure that you have fundamental training and/or experience and have passed one of our certification exams.

Find a Job

  • Health Care Jobs Database - Online job database with tens of thousands of jobs in medical coding, billing, auditing and practice management.
  • AAPC Employment Forums - Network with 180,000 coders to get help with job searching, preparing for the interview and sometimes learning about opportunities for employment even before they're posted in our database
  • Local Chapters - Network with health care professionals at your local chapter meetings or on your local chapter forum. Many chapters announce job openings at chapter meetings.

Get Experience

  • Project Xtern - Get the real-world experience you need to land your first medical coding job

Build a Career

There are five steps to consider in a job search. Don’t frustrate yourself by applying for jobs before you have laid the groundwork to be successful. You want the relevant opportunities coming to you. Organizing and focusing your search will help make this happen.

AAPC's new Career Center is geared for you to feel confident in moving into the professional world of healthcare. Topics include:

  • Job Search & Career Building – includes resume writing and interview skills
  • Business Etiquette – includes appropriate business manners in speak, writing and meetings
  • Success at Work – includes information on to demonstrate your strengths, set and achieve goals
  • Basic Computer Intelligence – includes basics in 2013 Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Future Career Development – includes negotiating skills and future career success


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