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Project Xtern — Job Seekers

AAPC has established Project Xtern to help newly AAPC certified medical coders qualify for a medical coding job. The program is designed to provide our members with an avenue to gain valuable work experience that can be applied to resumes, towards the removal of the “apprentice” status (Project Xtern alone will not remove the apprentice designation from credential), and to aid members with finding employment.

Project Xtern is an ideal way to get your first taste of real-world knowledge and experience in the medical coding field and gives potential employers an opportunity to see you in action. It builds confidence and improves your research and analytical skills.

Over 200 facilities nationwide, known as Approved Official Extern Site (AOES) are currently participating in the project. Externs are typically placed at these facilities for approximately three months. Although they are not paid, externs gain from this valuable mentoring, and the facility benefits from the excellent assistance a new certified coder can bring to the team. Further, the facility can also use that time to examine the work habits and abilities of the extern for future hiring consideration, many times leading to jobs for newly certified coders.


  • Be a current member of AAPC
  • Be an AAPC certified medical coder (CPC-A, COC-A (formerly CPC-H-A), or CPC-P-A) looking to get your first taste of medical coding in a real office setting

Program Benefits

  • Gain experience to apply towards the removal of your "Apprentice" status and to use on your resume
  • Learn about real-world medical coding in a supportive work environment
  • Earn AAPC bucks by referring facilities and helping the program grow
  • Give potential employers an opportunity to see you in action

Get Started

You must be certified and a current member of AAPC to participate in Project Xtern. Update your resume and contact sites individually. Please note that our facilities are not required to provide externship opportunities to every member who contacts them. You must apply and/or interview with the contact to be considered.  (AAPC does not place students with facilities.)

Can’t work onsite in an extership program?

AAPC’s Practicode program is an altnernate for you! Practicode offers a virtual internship that lets you gain experience up to 10x times faster than you would on the clock on the job. It’s online to let you work on gaining experience when and where you want to. Click here to learn more.

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