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Looking for medical coding help without making a full-time hire? Or considering a lower-level coder and want to try one out before hiring? AAPC’s Project Xtern was designed to match newly certified coders with facilities willing to give them field experience. Your business will benefit from an educated professional medical coder extern.

All externs have passed the AAPC national certification exam and many are designated as apprentices, meaning they simply need experience. Your facility can provide that while getting quality medical coding assistance. There is no cost to the facility, and the program is fully HIPAA compliant. The length of the externship will be determined by the facility and the student (typically three months). We require that the facility provides the extern a minimum of 60 percent hands-on coding/billing experience with a certified and experienced mentor while completing the externship, and that they evaluate the externs' work habits and abilities at the end of the externship. Depending on the facility, state, and employment laws the facility will determine if pay is an option.

Project Xtern

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Project Xtern has worked well for many employers because there is no requirement to employ the extern. And should you decide to make a hire, you will have had the ability to preview the externs' work in advance and select or reject applicants.

Once your facility is approved as a Project Xtern site, your contact information will be posted in a secure area of our website which is accessible only to our certified members. Interested members will then contact you via your chosen method to be considered for an extern opportunity. You will have complete control over the selection process.

Benefits of Participating

  • Get excellent medical coding assistance from a certified coding professional at no cost without making a long-term commitment
  • Evaluate a potential hire's work habits, work ethics and abilities
  • Receive a free AAPC webinar just for signing up

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