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Summarized income rates and cost rates are calculated for each of 66 valuation periods within the full 75-year long-range projection period under the intermediate assumptions. The first of these periods consists of the next 10 years. Each succeeding period becomes longer by 1 year, culminating with the period consisting of the next 75 years. The long-range test is met if, for each of the 66 time periods, the actuarial balance is not less than zero or is negative by, at most, a specified percentage of the summarized cost rate for the same time period. The percentage allowed for a negative actuarial balance is 5 percent for the full 75-year period and is reduced uniformly for shorter periods, approaching zero as the duration of the time periods approaches the first 10 years. The criterion for meeting the test is less stringent for the longer periods in recognition of the greater uncertainty associated with estimates for more distant years. This test is applied to trust fund projections made under the intermediate assumptions.

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