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    How would you code a diabetic patient with a pressure ulcer. Per ICD-9 Diagnosis 707.15 with (250.80) is not for a pressure ulcer.
    Would I code pressure ulcer 707.09 for midfoot or toe, pressure ulcer stage (707.2) and due to patient being diabetic would I code 250.00 or 250.80?
    This question is for a Podiatry Department.
    Please help I would really appreciate feedback or information.

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    Default pressure ulcer

    with regards to pressure ulcer you need the site and the stage of each pressure ulcer. ex . stage 2 buttocks pressure ulcer.707.05,707.22

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    To use the 250.80 the provider must document that the ulcer is due to the diabetes or that it is a diabetic wound. In that case the diabetes is first listed, but documented the way you have stated the diabetes is 250.00 and can be secondary.

    Debra A. Mitchell, MSPH, CPC-H

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