My OBGYN did a laparoscopy where he discovered several lines of staples in the abdominal wall from a previous surgery that were causing severe pelvic pain. The only code I can find that is relating to removal of foreign body from a prior surgery is 49402 but it appears to be an open procedure. What should I code for the laparoscopic procedure, can I use lysis of adhesions?
Here is an excerpt from the op report after the lasparoscopy was started and all scopes in place:
"The following findings were noted. The patient had several small implants of endometriosis in the posterior cul-de-sac. She had a previous hysterectomy with removal of the right tube and ovary and the left ovary appeared normal. The patient had multiple staple lines incorporating the right pelvic sidewall as well as the vaginal cuff as well as the left pelvic sidewall. Any implants of endometriosis were sharply dissected. Following this, attention was paid to the multiple suture lines of the staples. The peritoneum was grasped and using the Harmonic, the peritoneum incorporating the staples was sharply dissected. Specimens were removed. ......."
Can someone point me in the right direction?