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    Default Smoking Cessation codes

    Need some help with clarifying how to bill smoking cessation services with an EM code visit. 99406 and 99407 are as I look at it to be billed with symptomatic patients and G0375 and G0376 for asymptomatic patients. I work in Oncology and we are going to be billing for this service, any information is appreciated. If a Medicare patient has cancer and we want to bill smoking cessation codes we should use the 99406-99407 since the patient would be sympatomatic? Also, conflicting information of it modifier 25 is needed or not.


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    Yes, you need modifier 25. Also, the physician must document the conversation (ie. risks and benefits, rx offered) and the total time spent discussing smoking cessation.
    Check out this link for more details.

    Happy coding.

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