I have the following operative report and I am having trouble picking a CPT code...would appreciate any input!!

Procedure: Irrigation, debridement and membrane application, nonhealing wounds, left AKA stump.

General Anesthesia

The patient was brought to the operative suite and after the anesthetic administered by the anesthesia department, the patient placed in a supine position on the operative table. The leg was prepped and draped in sterily fashion. There were 2 draining areas over the anterior stump. The inferior most of this is quite superficial and we drbrided a small amount of necrotic debris, it measured approximately 5 mm in diameter. More proximal would is about an inch deep with no other evidence of tunneling other than 1 inch, again with some necrotic debris and this was debrided as well. Specimen submitted for culture from this wound. No obvious purulence noted however. Both wounds were then irrigated with pulsed irrigation and packed with oasis basement membrane grafting, graft for both wounds were sutured in place utilizing 4-0 vicryl in an interrupted fashion. Both wounds were dressed with bacitracin, xeroform and sterile fluffs of microfoam tape. The patietn was subsequently taken to recovery room in stable condition.