In your experience, what are some good billing questions to ask during a practice acquisiton?
So far, here are some that I have thought of:

How many providers do you have?
What Practice Management system do you use?
Do you use a clearinghouse or submit directly to the payer?
What types of facilities do your providers practice in?
Are all of your providers credentialing for billing?
How do you verify insurance eligibility?
Do you post electronic payments? If so, what percentage?
Are there known denial trends?
What are the providers coding skills/experience?
Do you have a self-pay policy?
Do you offer payment plans?
Do you practice under one tax ID?
How do you handle patients in collections?
Do you use a collection agency?
Do you bill for labs and have a Medicare CLIA number?
Who are your top payers?
How often are patient statements generated?