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PROCEDURE: The patient was given local anesthesia, a sub-Tenon?s block using Marcaine and Lidocaine and prepped and draped in a sterile fashion. A lid speculum was placed. A superior rectus bridle suture was placed to pull the eye into a downward-looking position. A conjunctival flap was constructed from the 12 o?clock to the 3 o?clock position and it was a limbus-based flap. Cautery was used to achieve hemostasis. A half-thickness scleral flap was then fashioned and brought up to the limbus where it was also limbus-based. This was then dissected down until the ciliary body was visualized. The anterior chamber was entered under the flap at the level of the iris and a 10-0 nylon double-arm suture was placed through the iris, brought out under the scleral flap and tied to pull the iris back into position. Two 10-0 nylon sutures on a vascular needle were then placed posteriorly through the ciliary body about 2 mm behind the iris and tied again externally under the scleral flap. This reattached the ciliary body. The scleral flap was then sutured down using 10-0 nylon suture and then the conjunctival flap was sutured down using 9-0 Vicryl suture. Topical antibiotics and steroids were placed and the patient returned to the Recovery Room in good condition. I should note that a paracentesis was made at the end of surgery and balanced salt was injected to improve the pressure in the eye which was very soft during the entire procedure.