Have an op note that reads: Diagnostic findings include type 1 tear to the superior labrum. an anterior portal was constructed and this was debrided using a shaver. The subscapularis demonstrated a split; however, it was considered to be stable in this low demand patient, It was not considered to require additional treatment. The supraspinatus demonstrated defect, which was suspicious for a complete tear, but not fully visualized. Marker using a spinal needle and PDS was then placed. Irrigation solution was removed and the arthroscope was placed in the subacromial space.
The external aspect of the rotator cuff was then instected. A 1cm tear was identified, complete. An auxillary portal was made laterally and bursal debridement was carried out. Then , the rotator cuff tear margin was debrided with the shaver and the Arthorivert system was used to place an Arthrorivet directly over the tear, which closed the defect completely. Acromioplasty was then carried out.
I removed the irrigation solution and 20mL of 0.25 % Marcaine was placed for postoperative pain relief.

I am coding this as 29827.
Opinions please.

Thank you