"The right upper extremity was prepped and draped. A small 2 to 3 cm incision was made on the medial aspect of his arm over the palpable cord. Dissection was carried down. I did not encounter any purulent fluid. Cultures were obtained around the vein. About 3 cm of the basilic vein was dissected out. Vessel loops were placed around it. I then incised the vein and removed thrombus from within the vein. This was cultured, and a portion of the thrombus was also sent. I then ligated that portion of the vein and also sent that for culture. The remainder of the incision appeared clean. We copiously irrigated the wound, and there was no active bleeding."

I thought I could use 35860, part of the description states vessels, but then another part states arteries. Or would this be a case for an unlisted code?
Thank you