OP report: patient noted to have vaginal hemorrhage subsequent to her delivery and uterine atony. At that time she was given dose of methergine, hemabate and 100mcg of cytotec per rectum. After vigorous fundal massage the fundus of the uterus was noted to protrude beyond the level of the cervix. At that time physician was called in to evaluate and diagnosed complete uterine inversion. Patient was taken to the OR where she was placed under general anesthesia prior to receiving 4 units of blood, a loading dose of magnesium sulfate and the fundus of the uterus was manually forced back into its normal position. There was an additional 1500 ml of bleeding at that time. Subsequent to the uterine replacement the bilateral focal tears were repaired with 2-0 vicryl suture and the right labial laceration was repaired with 4-0 monocryl interrupted stitch. There was excellent hemostasis at that time. Instruments were removed from the vagina. Not sure if I should use the 58999 unlisted code and what price do I attach for the procedure??