EOE Statement We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Category Adjunct

Description Adjunct Faculty members are committed to upholding the mission of the College by providing the highest level of instruction to the students. Faculty members are responsible for advising students within their program of instruction and assisting the Academic Department in the revision, development, and implementation of programs and curricula. All faculty members are expected to support and uphold the College?s policies, procedures, and objectives within the classroom.
Duties -
1. Creating a Syllabus with the Program Administrator for each course taught which meets course objectives, accreditation, and formatting guidelines
2. Follow and complete the objectives as stated in the syllabus for each course taught and meets stated competencies
3. Cover all the material in the depth and scope described in the syllabus.
4. Insures that students have attained minimum course competencies as described in the course syllabus
5. Uses a variety of styles in order to accommodate the various learning modes of students
6. Compiles, administers, and grades all assignments and examinations in a timely manner and returns all items gathered from students
7. Comes to class prepared to meet daily and weekly objectives and competencies through lectures, activities, handouts, fieldtrips, guest speakers, etc.
8. Begins class at the designated time and provides a full period of instruction for each class
9. Keeps accurate attendance and turns in an attendance roster to the Registrar for each class period
10. Assures that classroom or laboratory is left in a clean and orderly condition at the end of each class period
11. Actively works to maintain minimal withdrawal in all classes taught
12. Turns in final grades for all courses taught by the time designated by the Registrar
13. Participates, when possible, in all graduation ceremonies
14. Attends campus faculty meetings, faculty development training, and other meetings as assigned.
15. Makes recommendations and attends meetings as assigned by the Program Administrator
16. Performs other duties designated by the Program Administrator and Academic Dean

Position Requirements - Bachelors Degree
- Minimum of four (4) years of practical work experience
- One (1) year adult instruction experience, recommended
- A command of theory and contemporary technical knowledge and continuing study of the particular field of instruction

Full-Time/Part-Time Contractor

Position Adjunct Instructor

Division Eagle Gate College

Exempt/Non-Exempt Non-Exempt

Location Layton Campus