Re-posted from General Surgery - need help. We did not do the surgery, only the F/U after hospitalization. Our clinic has only seen the op report, not the discharge summary (to my knowledge)

Patient presents to clinic for a follow-up after having had hospitalization to remove "retained products of conception (demised fetus)."

Our provider codes 285.9 (among other codes) and narrates "post-surgical anemia."

I'm considering using any or all of the following for the anemia and would appreciate some guidance:


In general, I'm having trouble distinguishing between a surgery to remove an already demised fetus and coding for a complication of abortion, but 285.9 just doesn't sound right. Relevant portions of the HPI follow, which had to have been based on some sort of op report that was not a discharge summary:

She comes in following hospitalization on 9/30 for surgical removal of retained products of conception..... Her appointment with Dr. X was on 9/23 at which time she had a scan performed and the fetus was found to be demised. She estimated the length of demise was approximately 4-6 weeks. The baby was found hunched over with no amniotic fluid surrounding it. Due to the length of time the baby was demised and vascularity of the placenta the patient needed to be ruled out for DIC and D&E was planned............