My provider gave me this note. I am struggling with which CPT to code. The pathology came back as a keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma. What is your suggestions?? Thanks!!

1. Excision have a lesion on the right forearm 2 cm ulcerative lesion. 2. Shave and hyfrecation of 3 lesions. One on the right forearm 2 on the left forearm. They appear to be actinic keratoses


Lesion Location/Size: as described above
Consent: Risks, benefits, and alternative treatments discussed and all questions were answered. Patient elected to proceed and written consent obtained (see scanned consent form).
Description: Area prepped and draped using semi-sterile technique. Area locally anesthetized using 3 cc's of . Using a 15 blade scalpel, an elliptical incision was made encompassing the lesion with 3mm margins. The lesion was subsequently excised.

Repair done using three 3-0 Nylon simple interrupted stitches.

The 3 lesions that were shaved and hyperacute it were anesthetized with lidocaine. Derma blade was then used to remove the lesions; were hyfrecated with electrical cautery