Can anyone help me?? I work for a PCP. The doctor does regular urine (and blood) collections and then sends them to the nearby hospital lab. Medicare will not pay for the CPT code I am using and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Example: Patient comes in and is having urinary frequency. The doctor has the patient leave a urine sample in the office and sends it over to the nearby hospital lab.

Now, for blood draws, I use 36415, but I'm not sure if it's paying or not. I just read somewhere that Medicare will only pay code G0001 for venipunctures and urine collections by catheterization.

I work remotely so the only way I even know that a urine or blood collection was done is to look at the chronology. From the chronology report I can see the time that the sample was collected (if it matches when the patient was in our office I know we did the collection) and then I can also see what was ordered (TSH, CMP, CBC AUTO, Urinal/Complete). And that's all. I don't have a diagnosis code attached to the report.

Can anyone tell me what CPT codes you use for blood and urine collections???