I have an encounter for Endocrinology.

7 y.o. 9 m.o. old female who presents for follow up evaluation of Other
age determination. New concerns since last visit: to go to court for legal adoption purposes and need to solidify birth date. Adherence to medications: not applicable. History was taken from the patient, mother and sibling. Prior records reviewed - Yes. Has not begun menses. BA xray done just prior to visit and read to be between 11 and 12 yrs with a SD of 8.8 months.

a & p
BA xray reading is usually accurate within 2 standard deviations- therefore age between 9 yrs and 6 months and 13 yrs and 6 mos is possible.

Patient with thelarche for approximately 1.5 yrs but no evidence of pubic hair or axillary hair yet. PMD to follow this and if does not appear in next 1-2 years, to re refer. No body hair whatsoever. Early thelarche may be due to puberty associated with refeeding in FTT child in which case absence of adrenarche is ok, but would like to ensure that this is not androgen insensitivity syndrome.

Since there is no definitive dx...would it be appropriate to use V62.5 Legal circumstances?

Thanks in advance,