We've been having an ongoing debate in my office regarding orders for mammograms. Most of the time, the order we receive from the physician has the screening code V76.12. Before coding, I review the history form filled out by the patient and often the patient has checked the box for one or more of the things that would make this a high-risk screening i.e. family history, nulliparity etc. I've questioned other coders and they use the patient's history when coding mammos and will code for high-risk even though the order has the standard screening code. My manager is now saying that we should only use the code on the order regardless of what is indicated on the patient's history form. I also posed the question on this forum a couple of years ago and the responders all agreed with the way I had been taught. I've done research and can't find anything official to bolster my argument. I just wondered how other coders would handle this situation and if anyone might have something concrete for me to show my manager.
Thanks in advance for any help.