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History: impotence requiring intra-cavernous injection of papaverine.

Pre procedure: risks benefits and alternatives were discussed with
The patient who understood and agreed to proceed.

Technique: the right inguinal region was steriley prepped and local
Anesthetic applied. The right common femoral artery was accessed
With a micro access catheter. A diagnostic catheter was advanced
Over a guidewire into the distal abdominal aorta above the
Bifurcation. Subsequent pelvic arteriography was performed prior to,
5min post and 10min post intracavernous injection of 25mg of
Papaverine. Blood flow to the base of the penis is normal. There is
Augmented flow with corporal blushing following papaverine injection.
There is limited filling of the penile artery but this was felt to be
Due to limited erectile response. No gross abnormalities appreciated.
Impression: pre/post papaverine pelvic/penile angiogram with limited
Erectile response, no visible vascular abnormality.

Krishna CPC