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procedures performed:
1. Selective angiography of the rt common iliac artery with run-off.
2. Selective angiography of the rt femoral artery with run-off to the rt LE.
3. Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty of the distal SFA.
4. Angioplasty of the mid SFA.
5. Angioplasty of proximal SFA. All of the angioplasties had suboptimal results.
6. Stenting of the distal SFA.
7. Stenting of the mid SFA.
8.Stenting of the proximal SFA with greater angiographical result.
9. Using a pioneer catheter to cross over to the SFA.

I code it this way, 75710-26-RT,35493-59,75962-26,37205-59.
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