Currently at my work we have run out of the "billable" flu mist and we apparently have a supply of the "free" flu mist that the dr's are using (unsure where the free stuff actually came from)- the dr's want to code an adminstration fee for this w/ the V04.81 code- I am wondering if the insurance will pay for just the admin fee of the vax w/o the actual medicine listed on the claim--- or should I list the medication but w/ a zero charge-- they are adamate about charging the adm fee and not a nurse visit (for the ones who come in just for the "free" supply)- I am having them hand out the "free" supply w/ well checks, reg ov, nurse visits - you name it but like I said I am weary and want to head off any possible issues before the claims go out- so any advice on what the correct way to code this would be great-- thanks in advance for any help