debate on the removal of a mammosite catheter.

Scenerio: Dr. A puts the catheter in, the pt then goes to see Dr. B for radiation tx. 10 treatments later pt has completed radiation tx and Dr. B removes the catheter. Is the removal of the catheter included in 19296. Or do we bill 19499 for the removal with a modifer of 59?

According to my billing ladies here they say the removal is bundled in with the code 19296, and that we should not be billing out the 19499 for the removal. They are getting this from their Coding Companion where it states The codes (19296-27) report only the radiotherapy balloon catheter placement and subsequent catheter revomal for interstital brachytherapy. Does not state if it is removed by the same provider or a different provider.

thanks for any help on getting this matter solved.