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Thread: 2 Surgeons (GYN & Urology) Performing 2 Separate Surgeries on Same Day

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    Default Help!! 2 Surgeons (GYN & Urology) Performing 2 Separate Surgeries on Same Day

    We are about to have a patient here at our ASC who is going to have 2 separate procedures performed by 2 separate surgeons on the same day. The GYN surgeon will start his procedure first and once he is finished, he will leave and the Urologist will come in and perform his procedure. Do I need to bill these 2 procedures with a modifier? I didn't see one that fits the situation.

    Help please!!


    Olivia Justus, CPC-H
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    The Doctors Are Different Specialties Performing Separate Surgeries So As Long As They Each Dictate Their Own Op Note, You Would Not Use Any Modifier.

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    Default Sounds good

    Thanks hpycoder. Thats kind what I was leaning towards. I just wanted to make sure.


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    yes, no modifier needed :-)

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