I billed an unlisted code for the placement of 4 radio-opaque markers, but Medicare says there is another code rather than unlisted. Of course, they will not tell me what that code is and obviously, I don't know. Could someone help me with this one? Here is a portion of the OP note:

INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE AND FINDINGS: This woman presented with biopsy-proven invasive carcinoma, likely lobular, of the right breast. The mass is quite large and she elected to undergo sentinel node biopsy at this time to be followed by neo-adjuvant therapy in the hopes of diminishing the size of the tumor. Radio-opaque markers were placed at the periphery of the tumor mass in 4 different areas.....
Attention was turned to the right breast mass. Radio-opaque markers were placed under direct vision and what appeared to be the periphery of the lesion medially, inferiorly, laterally and superiorly. This was done percutaneously in each case.

I appreciate any input.