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I could really use some help on the following scenario.

We bill for a surgeon that uses the term 'mastopexy' for what he's doing after the breast is removed (same operative session as the mastectomy) but I don't think it's really a mastopexy (breast lift). The following is how his reports generally read.

Breast parenchyma couldn't be reapproximated without excessive skin dimpling both superiorly and inferiorly; therefore, generous mastopexy was required. Inferiorly, the mastopexy was accomplished by dissecting a generous parenchymal flap above the pectoralis fascia using electrocautery. Superiorly, a similar parenchymal flap was raised and also a skin flap was raised at the deep subcutaneous level to allow a relatively tension-free closure of breast parenchyma which was accomplished using interrupted 3-0 Vicryl sutures......

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