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Thread: Pars Defect

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    Default Pars Defect

    Does or can anyone suggest a Diagnostic code for "L5 Pars Defect"?

    Also, a Procedure code for a Corticosteroid injection for the above. "..a 22 gauge 3.5 inch spinal needle was then advanced into the right L5 pars defect at the superior and middle aspect."

    Thank you.

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    Look at 756.11-Spondylolysis, lumbosacral region
    Def: Bilateral or unilateral defect through the par interarticularis of a vertebra causes spondylolisthesis. Hope this helps!

    Toni. R. Jeffries CPC CPC-H

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    Thank you, Toni. I had seen that and was hoping I was on the right track for the diagnosis.

    Now I just hope someone can guide me to the correct CPT injection code.

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    Try 64475 & 64476- (ADX)

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