Shave Removal
Dermal or epidermal lesion(s) shaving should be
reported with codes 11300-11313. The shaving procedure
is epidermal and dermal lesion(s) removal
without a full thickness dermal excision by transverse
incision or horizontal slicing. This tissue
removal does not necessarily support a biopsy and
should not be coded as a biopsy.
Keep in mind, a shave removal is also not considered
an excision. Excision codes should not be reported
for this service.
Lesion removal by shave technique is a superficial
removal and does not always constitute entire lesion
removal. The depth and location often determine if
the entire lesion is removed by shaving. Often, shaving
is only done to get the surface back to flat.
Shave removal can be reported for benign or malignant
lesions. The measurement of the actual lesion's
location and size (not including any margins) is
necessary for proper code selection. Closure is not
necessary with shave removal. Local anesthetic and
electrocautery of the wound is included.

So my question is, can you use 11300-11313 codes to bill for a biopsy? I understand what is stated in this article. I want to know if other derm coders think this way?

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P.S. Thanks to all who have responded