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Thread: Diagnosis coding for "dog ears"

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    Question Diagnosis coding for "dog ears"

    When a patient has a revision of her breast reduction to remove that excess axillary skin, what dx codes should I use? I've been using 701.9 (atrophy/hypertrophy skin), but I'm just wondering if there are any others that would help. Any suggestions?

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    I would use 701.9 as well.
    Karen Maloney, CPC
    Data Quality Specialist

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    [B] its correct code skin Excess, excessive, excessively
    skin NEC 701.9

    u use this code elscewere
    jeevapt cpc
    Dr.Jeevanantham Mariappan PT.,MD (A.M).,CPC.,
    Six Sigma - GB

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    That's what I use also, sometimes I struggle using it because you know that it probably isn't going to be covered.
    Terri Diaz, CPC
    Insurance Coordinator

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