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36000 59 453.40
37187 453.40
93965 2652 453.40

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History: 39 year old female with right lower extremity venous
insufficiency status post successful sclerotherapy and
embolization of a conglomeration of the varicosities within the
calf returns for follow up examination.

Mrs. XXX feels well. She notes some discomfort, tenderness
and a "hard feeling" at the sclerotherapy injection sites.
Physical examination of the right leg and foot demonstrates
several palpable cords along the right upper anterior and lateral
calf as well as the anterior mid calf. Doppler ultrasound
examination of the right lower extremity veins demonstrates
patency of the popliteal and posterior tibial veins. Previously
sclerosed varicosities within the calf are thrombosed.

The calf was then prepped with alcohol solution. Local anesthesia
was administered to the tissue surrounding the thrombosed
varicosities. Using 18 gauge needles and under real-time
ultrasound guidance, aspiration of thrombus from the varicosities
was performed. A large amount of thrombus was aspirated from the
inferior varicosities; moderate thrombus was aspirated from the
upper medial calf varicosities as the thrombus was not liquefied
as yet. A compression dressing was applied to the site. The
patient was advised to continue wearing her compression
stocking.the patient is to return in one to two weeks. Further
aspiration of thrombus will be performed at that time.