I posted this on the urology section and had no response so I thought to post here. I code for Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology

I have a pt who is being followed for gallbladder cancer. He presented to the medical oncology clinic with abdominal pain and was seen by our NP. The NP then consulted with the PA on the Surgical Oncology floor due the the MD (urology oncologist) being out of the office. The PA suggested to do a post void ultrasound 51798. The pt went up the the Surgical Oncology unit where the RN performed the US.

My question is how would this be billed out. Are we able to add a modifer 25 to the E/M and charge out the 51798 even though a RN did the US? Currently the only thing marked on the charge ticket is the E/M charge. I read the dictation and discovered the US was performed.

thanks in advance for the help