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Thread: Coumadin Toxicity & Digoxin Toxicity

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    Toxicity refers to adverse effect of a drug thus coding symptoms followed by an Ecode for Theuraputic usege of the drug will suffice

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    796.0 is the code I use for Coumadin Toxicity or Digoxin Toxicity if there is no mention of a specific reaction or problem in the patient.

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    A drug toxicity is referring to the concentration of the drug in the patient's blood. This toxicity could be due to the patient taking more medication than prescribed, that is an accidental poisoning and is coded using a 9xx.xx code first then the reaction then the E code. OR the toxicity is due to a metabolic reaction which is an adverse reaction to the medication this is coded as the reaction followed by the E code for the adverse reaction. It is very important to obtain clear and correct information when coding these as we do not want to communicate an adverse reaction when in fact the patient has incorrectly self administered the drug, or the nurse or even the physician made a mistake in the administration or prescribing of the drug.

    Debra A. Mitchell, MSPH, CPC-H

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    Default Digoxin Toxicity

    My feeling is that for Digoxin Toxicity it is 972.1 then E942.1. Any feedback? Also, what is the Digoxin toxicity it 36415?

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