Hi, Everyone -

I found out about this tremendous opportunity for an EXPERIENCED CODER (they're looking for someone with 5-7 years of coding experience). I cannot take advantage of the opportunity right now due to the Saturday hours involved, but thought surely SOMEONE here at AAPC (or someone we know) will be ready to jump on this opportunity to earn $40/hr during the evening and weekend hours.

Condensed Curriculum International is looking for someone to teach a 70-hour course on Medical Coding at the Northern VA Community College Woodbridge campus. They are providing ALL of the materials and the curriculum (it sounds like you just have to show up and present the material and possibly grade papers). The class meets at the Woodbridge campus for two 2-hour sessions 730pm-930pm during the work week (I think it's on Tuesday and Thursday evenings) and they meet again on Saturday for a 6 or 8 hour session. If you contact the lady named below she will send you a fax with all of the details. They're looking to make a decision this week and get the materials mailed out ASAP - so don't wait!!! I'm surprised the position hasn't been filled already. I sent a reply to get my "name in the hat", but after I received the fax I realized the schedule for this particular course wouldn't work for me (I live in Luray).

PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME ASAP TO: gillians@condensedcurriculum.com
(or fax to 240.455.0134) then CALL: Gillian Schultz 240.215.3375 to get more details. Please let her know you're responding to my post here in the AAPC Forums.

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Feel free to REPLY to this thread if you just want to say THANKS for the opportunity, but if you're interested in the actual job - please contact GILLIAN SCHULTZ for more details.

Deb Jones, CPC