operation performed : nasal alar reconstruction,
dx: mohs defect of right alar cartilage and nasal defect

patient prepped and draped in usual sterile fasion. Venodyne boots applied. all monitors were 00:29 O2 saturation were completed prior to, during and after injection of local anesthetic. I mobilized the base of the right ala. There was approximately an 8mm to 9mm defect and mobilized the alar cartilages that were existing both in the superior and caudal aspects. Subsequently, brought up the inferior to the superior and created a layered closure with a 5-0 chromic suture. Once this was completed, sutured through the nasal mucosa. The cartilage and the external skin were all completed. No skin graft was required. The patient had an occlusive dressing applied. Symmetry was achieved. The defect was filled with existing tissue. There were no flaps or skin grafts required, just mobilization of the existing caudal aspect of the alar cartilage.

our Consultant audit officer tells me i should bill cpt 12032, i know it states layered closure but wasn't there something more done, maybe 30400??

Thank you!!