Hi List,

I am stuck on coding some angiograms, please help me!!!!!

This is all I received from cath lab, could you please let me know if the report is missing any information??

Left coronary angiography

Right coronary angiography

Bypass graft angiography

LIMA graft angiography

LM distal main: 80% stenosis

LAD proximal LAD there was 20 % stenosis

Mid LAD there was 50% stenosis

D1 there was a 10% stenosis


Circumflex angiography: showed minor luminal irregularities with no flow limiting lesions

Distal circumflex: there was a 50 % stenosis

OM1: there was a tubular 50% stenosis


Proximal RCA the distal vessel was supplied by collaterals from the LAD and the proximal RCA there was 100%


Graft to the mid LAD: the graft was a LIMA: it was normal

Graft to the 1st obtuse marginal: the graft was a saphenous vein from the aorta there was 95% stenosis

Any guidance will be appreciated!

Sandra Monsalve, CPC