My doctor's are performing a Trabeculectomy 65855 and then a few days later during post-op they are saying they performed a suturelysis. I have several different patients they are stating they performed this on. One if them states they removed one suture with laser to allow fluid flow. Most of the others states they used the laser to allow fluid flow. I found this article

It states " Medicare covers a procedure when the surgeon brings a patient to a laser suite to revise the operative wound created during trabeculectomy. You should report this procedure -- sometimes called laser suturelysis or bleb revision -- using 66250 (revision or repair of operative wound of anterior segment, any type, early or late, major or minor procedure) and the -78 modifier (return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period) appended to the CPT code.

Carriers define minor surgeries as procedures that have 0- to 10-day postoperative periods. The global surgery concept also applies to minor procedures. Carriers consider the use of a small number of ophthalmic lasers to be minor procedures. The global period for laser trabeculoplasty (65855) changed from 90 days to 10 days as of Jan. 1, 2002, making it a minor procedure. This CPT code applies to argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) and selective laser trabeculoplasty.

I don't think i have enough info to bill anything. I think doc needs to clarify this.