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Project Description:
I am trying to determine if an existing ICD-9 procedure code and existing CPT code can be used for billing for our Bal Cath product. The Bal Cath product is used on a patient with an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube to perform a bronchial aveolar lavage without the use of a bronchoscope.
Most of the existing ICD-9 procedure codes and CPT codes include the use of a bronchopscope in the procedure.
There is an ICD-9 procedure code, 33.29 with the following description: " Other diagnostic procedures on lung and bronchus". Would this code be applicable for this procedure?
There isn't an existing CPT code that matches this ICD-9 procedure code. Could CPT code 31899, "unlisted procedure trachea, bronchi" be utilized?

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David Vermeulen