Hello all, we're looking for some coding ideas.

We're having difficulty figuring out the best way to code for implantation of an osseointegrated implant called Vistafix that is used as a base to attach a prosthetic ear. It uses the same titanium implant technology and surgical implantation procedures used as auditory osseointegrated implants (Bahas).

In the case of an auricular prosthesis, the surgeon typically implants three titanium implants approximately 20 mm from the center of the external ear canal opening. These implants then create a base for which a new prosthetic ear can be attached securely.

The Repair, Revision, and/or Reconstruction of head, code range 21120-21296 seemed promising, but these codes are all focused on the face and don't seem to apply to the side of the head where the ear is. The External Ear codes 69000-69399 don't seem to apply either.

We're trying to avoid using unlisted codes since the APC rates are so low for them. Anyone have other ideas for appropriate codes for this?

Thanks for any help you can offer