Hello, I need advice in what CPT to use for 3d mapping during left ventricular lead repositioning CPT 33226. Is the 3d mapping considered included in this cpt?

I can't use CPT 93613 3d mapping even though this is the closest fit, as there is no primary code.

The procedure reads as 3d mapping system was used to create geometry of the CS and its main branches. Activation mapping during RV pacing was also performed using the LV lead distal electrodes to identify the best target branch for pacing and to modify programming of the quadripolar LV lead.

LV lead revision ..... the exisitng lv lead was removed. The wire was upsized through a micropuncture kit. A glidewire was advanced through a dilator and a 10F peel away was then advanced over the glidewire. A CS guide sheath was advanced over the wire.......after creation of the aformentioned map it was decided to place the quad lv lead in the posterior branch given its superior timing. The site was accepted.

Thank you.