Does noone know this??? Surely there is someone at there who has coded this before, if so I could sure some advice.

I need help with coding hip arthroscopy, FAI, debridement.

If only the debridement is done through the scope, it would be 29862? and how is arthoscopic femoral neck osteoplasty in the peripheral compartment coded? 29999 with a comparable code as 27179 or 27161?? It doesn't make sense to me to compare an Osteoplasty to an Osteotomy?? How about hip artho labral debridement, microfracture of the acetabulum and pincer debridement?? I think the last two is bundled into the labral debridement?? Also a labral repair, femoral head osteochondroplasty and acetabular osteoplasty-if this is done, it is 29999, not sure what the comparable codes would be??