I know there is a alot of questions regarding this procedure, which is why I seem to be so confused.

Just because the Dr states in the "Procedures Performed" that a Biceps tentomy was performed, does not mean we automatically code a 29999,

In this case: "Diagnositc genohumeral arthroscopy with a posterior scope portal and anterior instrument portal, patient has High Grade fraying of Biceps and some Minor damage to the labrum, We performed a biceps tentomy and debrided the labrum"....scope removed and Dr performs a 23412 & 29826, 29824.

My question is: would I code a 29999, from this description of work, AND the 29822 due to the area of the labrum was also debrided, ...but the 29822 is bundled with 29826.

So, only bill 23412, 29826 & 29824

Please Help me understand this, or maybe the Dr just needs to be more detailed, then just stating "Biceps Tenotomy was performed"?

Brenda M, CPC