Can someone help me code the following scenario?:

The patient presented to ER with drug poisoning (965.09). This was a suicide attempt (E950.0). The physcian does a Exploratory laparotomy and a liver BX. The patient is dignosed with Sepsis and hepatic cirrhosis.
My sequence of DX is :
1.965.09 ( I listed this one first B/C the guidelines said to list underlying cause first such as poisoning.
The procedure codes are 49000 and 47001
The first three dx would be linked to the Exploratory Lap and the 571.5 to the liver BX.
My concern is after looking in the General surgery coding Companion, the first three dx is not covered for the EXP Lap, and this is the reason he did the surgery. He encountered adhesions in the abdomen, and this is covered, but this is not the reason he did the surgery.
Thanks in advance!