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Thread: Thumb Spica cast?

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    Default Thumb Spica cast?

    Another cast coding question.

    Thumb Spica cast.
    Aagin, the work effort is greater and it requires more material than a SAC so I don't want to code a short arm cast.
    I saw an old superbill that had the materials coded as a SAC (Q-4010) plus L3907.
    That somehow doesn't seem right either as the L code is a DME code.
    There's also no CPT code for thumb spica cast.

    Any suggestions on this one too?

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    we use 29085 for our thumb spica casts

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    What Q code do you use for supplies?

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    see Q4013 thru Q4016

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    Are you coding Ulna Gutter and Thumb Spica splints with regular Short Arm splint codes?

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    Any chance of coding 29125 AND 29130 ?

    My guess is NO but it never hurts to inquire....

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