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Thread: Articular Fracture Proximal Phalanx

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    Default Articular Fracture Proximal Phalanx

    I keep struggling with this one, so I'm hoping someone has so definetive information on how to code this.

    Doctor did a closed reduction of an articular fracture of the proximal phalanx and placed two percutaneous k-wires. I'm looking at 26742 but how do you get the k-wires? Are they billed as supplies? Would it be better to use an unlisted code? Help!!!

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    Look at code 26727 - as it states "percutaneous pinning" this would be the K-wires.

    Per the Coders Desk Reference - " The physician treats a phalangeal shaft fracture of the proximal or middle phalanx, finger, or thumb with manipulation and secures it with a wire".

    Kate, CPC, COSC

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    I agree with katiegal.

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    This is an articular fracture which would place it at the proximal phalanx joint, so I don't think shaft fracture would apply.

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    Maybe look at 26706 in CDR it says, the physician manipulates a metacarpophalangeal dislocation to restore anatomical position and secures the bone with a wire. The physician determines the dislocated position of the bone. The bone is relocated to correct anatomical position using external manipulation. The physician drills a wire into the metacarpophalangeal joint, through the fracture, and into the proximal bone. The drill entry point is dressed and the hand is splinted. And I got the definitions of dislocation fracture and articular fracture, and I think this one might work for you, by reading those. What do you think? I hope that helps. If not, then I guess it would be unlisted.

    dislocation fracture
    Type: Term

    1. a fracture of a bone near an articulation with a concomitant dislocation of the adjacent joint.

    articular fracture
    Type: Term

    1. a fracture involving the joint surface of a bone.

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    Thanks for all your input on this one. I'm going with an unlisted code.

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    If the fracture/dislocation is at the metacarpalphalangeal joint (MTP), PIP or DIP, then 26742.


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