I hope I can get someone to shed some light on this issue.

physician E&M service and facility infusion on the same day-

So in peds, often times, the physician ends up seeing the patient on the same day as infusion therapy that is billed by the facility.

Since the clinic and infusion suite is hospital owned, there is conflict on how the physician services should be billed.

following CPT guidelines, if there is a significant and separate identifiable E&M it should be billable, however, since both the infusion suite and physician clinic is hospital based/owned the POS for both location i believe would be 22. I know the facility is reporting an E&M + infusion codes, but would the physician E&M also be billed? If so, is it with modifier 25 or w/o? If not, is it because there is already an E&M code the facility is billing?