The provider is asking for number of codes that are bundled but can be unbundled with mods. Any help is appreciated. The provider wants: 36247, 37229, 37252, 75625, 75726. 75774.

Using micropuncture kit the right femoral artery was cannulated and 5 french sheath was placed in the right femoral artery. We then advanced an omni flush catheter to the level of L4 Distal abdominal aortic angiography was completed. After this, we advanced a Bentson wire into the SFA and the omni Flush was then selectively engaged in the SFA. Angiography was then completed. We then performed an angiography of the left lower extremity. After finding significant amount of stenosis in the tibioperoneal trunk and the peroneal artery being completely occluded, we proceeded with the intervention of artery. We advanced a CXI cath and stiff angled glide cath into the peroneal and we were able to enter in thh true lumen distally. After that, we advanced the CXI cath into the dital peroneal vessel. We then exchanged out in favor of Viper wire and performed artherectomy of the tibioperoneal trunk. After this, we swapped out in favor of an 0.018 Treasure 12 wire and performed balloon angioplasy with a 2.5 x 30 cm balloon of the peroneal artery. We performed balloon angioplasy in the this vessel. Afterh that, we advanced a 4.0 x 30 balloon and performed balloon angioplasty in the TP trunk and then we performed IVUS of the tibioperoneal trunk.

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