I am a CPC/CEDC looking to relocate from Colorado to the Phoenix area. I have started to job search and put feelers out there, but as we know, it's often who you know so I wanted to start making Phoenix based connections and see if any of you are currently based in Phoenix and might have any contacts or things I can look into in terms of job searching.

I do have sort of a unique situation in that I need to work for non-profit organizations/companies due to my student loans. I have put in applications at Banner Health, Maricopa Integrated Health System, and Phoenix Children's. I would really appreciate any help or guidance, as I know that these sorts of connections can prove to be invaluable to our overall success.

Also, does anyone have an idea of pay ranges in the Phoenix area? I know that the AAPC coding salary survey says that the Mountain region averages about $53K so I'm curious if that is accurate or if I could expect more/less based on my experience and education.

Thank you so much,