Any takers would this be consider Radical Excision (26260) or Excision of Soft Tissue (26115)

I then made a 4 cm curvi-longitudinal incision dorsally over the left middle
finger DIP joint extending proximally to the PIP joint. I dissected down on to
the extensor tendon. He had large amounts of tophaceous gout surrounding the
extensor tendon dorsally as well as extending into the volar tissue on both
sides. I carefully dissected down neurovascular structures and radically

the tophaceous gout which extended from the PIP joint all the way to the DIP
joint, again circumferentially encompassing the dorsal extensor tendon. Once
tophaceous gout was debrided and was completely removed, I then sharply
tissue that was heavily denuded from longstanding gout. This included the
lateral bands and some of the subcutaneous tissue.
I then released the tourniquet. I copiously irrigated the wound and cauteri