Greetings everyone,
I currently received my CPC-A this past May. Now I am in that long agonizing wait to find a job. The only thing is I can't find any. I have been a SAHM for the past five years and I thought obtaining my certificate would help me land a job. But that has not been the case. I am currently working on the Practicode through AAPC but it is taking me longer than expected to finish. Any suggestions on what to do or where to look? I am currently looking at all the big hospitals in and around the Indy area. On my resume, I put my focus on my CPC-A because my work history has been just that...history. I do have 7 years of medical field experience as I was a Lab Tech, phlebotomist and MA.
If an employer just happens to read this my resume and references are ready and I can e-mail them to you immediately.